October 29, 2018

Wubbalubbadubdub!!! Oh jeez that’s what Rick always says... you’ve never heard of Rick and Morty? Oh jeez lemme show you around...My name is Morty and Rick Sanchez is my grandfather and some cartoonist thought it was a good idea to trap us in a cartoon series where Rick is always dragging me on traumatizing intergalactic and inter-dimensional adventures. Look here’s the family tree and all the other Rick and Morty characters:

Rick Sanchez - Morty's Grandad

Rick and Morty Characters Rick Sanchez
Rick’s a genius I gotta give him that but he is an eccentric, elderly, nonchalant, emotionally manipulative, alcoholic scientist. He is the Rickest Rick, identified as Rick Sanchez of earth dimension C-137 he is the father of Beth Smith which makes him Jerry Smith’s father-in-law and maternal grandfather to Morty and his sister Summer. Moving on to talk about Rick’s exploits because you have to admit that character has to have a lot going on for him. Rick is an intellectual and arrogant character which means he views himself as superior to others and will not have his time wasted by pesky mundane irrelevances.

Ricks mind is not malleable and receptive towards normal life views and human conventions. For example he believes school is a total waste of time and love is nothing but a chemical reaction which is funny because for such an unfeeling character he shows genuine affection during the course of the series towards his family well except maybe Jerry. Rick often burptalks in the middle off his sentences probably because he numbs himself with alcohol presumably to hide his loneliness. He is arguably the main Rick and Morty Character but basically, Rick is a douche, so enough about Rick. If you're on team Rick though, you can get a Rick T Shirt here


Rick and Morty Characters Mortimer
Morty’s character is arguably the opposite of Rick. Mortimer a.k.a Morty of earth dimension C-137 is a socially awkward and dumb (he probably got that from his father Jerry...the dumb part) fourteen years old boy who gets dragged on bizarre traumatizing adventures around the cosmos by his sociopathic grandfather, Rick but somehow shows courage and stands for himself when it comes down to it. He is referred to as the Mortiest Morty because of this courage which other Morties of other dimensions do not possess because of their main use being makeshift cloaking devices, in which "Morty waves" cancel out a Rick's "genius waves" a concept Morty finds very offensive.

He is goodhearted and unlike Rick still has his believe in human conventions and mundane structure going for him, such an optimist that kid. Despite the fact that throughout the series, it was mentioned a couple of times that Morty has a learning disability, and he is perceived to have low self-esteem, he sometimes shows some amount of intelligence. Morty is also quite resourceful, he learns how to use many of Rick's devices. As dumb as he is portrayed to be, Morty has a deep understanding of Rick's twisted mind, and this is obvious at the end of the third season. We've got a cool Morty T Shirt here if you're into that too

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Beth - Morty's Mother

Rick and Morty Characters Beth
Beth in the series is Rick’s daughter, Jerry’s wife and mother to Morty and Summer. She is very assertive (probably the most assertive character in the Smith family) and also very dissatisfied with her life because she thinks she settled for it. She is a horse surgeon who wanted to be a real surgeon but got pregnant with Summer so there goes her surgeon dreams. Although she exhibits intelligence and humour in the course of the series...yeah she is her father’s daughter...she is also very selfish. She doesn't seem to be bothered by her father's negative influence on her son seemingly because she holds him (get father) in high esteem. She idolizes Rick and would do anything to keep him in her life and that includes divorcing her insecure husband. 

Jerry Smith - Morty's Dad

Rick and Morty Characters Jerry
Now you finally meet Jerry...ladies and gentle men I present you Jerry Smith...husband to Beth, Father to Summer and Morty and son-in-law to Rick. As implied earlier Jerry is actually a very insecure, attention seeking, mediocre, coward of a man, the only thing Jerry is bold about is his strong disapproval of Rick's influence over Morty. Jerry is perceived by his wife Beth as an inadequate man,  well you can't blame her, he lost his job at a low level advertising agency for his incompetence. Jerries are so dumb and because they can't survive outside of earth so one of the Ricks took it upon himself to create a daycare for them to be dropped off when their Ricks and Morties are going on one of their adventures. Despite how ordinary Jerry is, he's still one of the main Rick and Morty Characters.

Summer - Morty's Sister
Rick and Morty Characters Summer
Then there’s Summer, a typical teenager (she's seventeen years old) like most millennials, she is often superficial and concerned with being popular. She is Jerry and Beth’s first child, older sister to Morty and she is Rick’s granddaughter. Summer, like her mother she is smart and humorous but much more selfless. At the beginning of the series, she seemed uninterested and somewhat indifferent but began to express jealousy toward the fact that Morty gets to “accompany Granpa Rick” on all his adventures. Summer’s character commands respect having shown strength and competence (even more than Morty the designated sidekick) towards the second season of the series when she occasionally went on adventures with Rick and saved him a bunch of times


Rick and Morty Characters Birdperson
That's it for the major characters, on to some of the major-minor characters starting with Birdperson. A wise, sage-like being who is Rick’s best friend and should be given an award for serving the best deadpan. For some reason he really respects Rick and like a heaven sent angel, he is known for advising Morty whenever he is thinking of doing something rash that might ruin his relationship with his grandfather. Apparently, he, Rick, and Squanchy were once freedom fighters against the Galactic Federation's oppression. Sqanchy doesn’t have much going for him, he is also one of Rick’s best friend and oh he has proof, written on his bracelet “Rick’s BFF”.

Mr Meeseeks
Rick and Morty Characters Mr Meeseeks
Mr Meeseeks I'm Mr meeseeks look at meee...Meseeks are cheerful creatures that are created from a box called the Meeseeks box. They appear humanoid, and pretty much do what fairy godmothers in a fairy-tales do; their purpose is to make a wish come true except you're allowed only one request. The catch is, they are not gods so the request has to be kept simple, now this was what Rick did not tell the Smiths when he got tired of their nagging and handed them a Meeseeks box. When Meeseeks are not able to fulfill their request they become dangerously psychotic and go to the extreme to see the task fulfilled. According to Meeseeks, merely existing is physically and psychologically torturous to them so the faster they fulfil their task the sooner they can disappear and the better it is for everyone.

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Unity - Rick's Ex
Rick and Morty Characters Unity

Guess what Rick had a girlfriend, Unity. The first time Rick appears to show a deep human emotion was caused by his break up with Unity. Unity is a hive mind, and one of the handful sentient that is capable of fully understanding the scope of the universe like Rick. Unity realizes that their combination is destructive and ends their relationship. This plunged Rick into a distraught emotional state of mind and he tried to commit suicide but oopshe failed.

Gene Vagina - Morty's School Principal

Rick and Morty Characters Gene Vagina
Morty’s school principal, Gene Vagina, not exactly a profound character draws attention because of his humorous last name. Morty’s math teacher, Mr Goldenfold, now this guy takes his job very seriously, he also has some deeply repressed sexual attractions...you don’t wanna know.

Mr Poppybutthole

Rick and Morty Characters Mr Poppybutthole
By the way Mr Poppybutthole is a tiny stick-looking character that wears a hat. He is a parody to wacky side characters and a long time family friend. Unfortunately, he popped up at the wrong time so he is shot by Beth because she had mistaken him for one of those alien parasites that appear and somehow manage to squeeze themselves into the family. Mr Poppybutthole recovers and shows up in some post credit scenes.

Scary Terry

Rick and Morty Characters Scary Tery

There's another character called Scary Tery a monster that lives in the dream world, he’s quite the sight with his fingers made of mini swords. He always finds a way to insert the word “bitch” into everything he says. He tried to kill Rick and Morty at some point but later becomes friends with them after they helped him with his nightmare problem which surfaced because of his insecurities about his ability to carry out his occupation to scare.


Rick and Morty Characters Jessica
Now for the characters tied up with Morty and Summer’s love lives (before this ends); Jessica and Ethan. Morty has had a crush on Jessica since the beginning of the series but she rarely acknowledges his existence probably because she’s a hot girl and that’s what hot girls do...I dunno...although she is sometimes nice to him, she even goes on a date and attends the dance with him.

Rick and Morty Characters Ethan
Ethan was Summer's boyfriend who Rick uses to build the new anatomy amusement park after the old one went wrong. Well, he is a typical teenage boy. He dumped Summer for another girl with bigger breasts that led to a huge drama because Summer tried to enlarge her breasts with some equipment she found in Ricks’s lab but goes too far and somehow ends up enlarging different parts of her body and becoming a hideous giant. They never learn don’t use stuff in Rick’s lab.

The end.