Rick and Morty T Shirt - Run Rick

Oh boy, check out this awesome Run Rick T-shirt!

Wubba lubba dub dub! You're really gonna flip your lid over this one. That's right. This Rick and Morty T-shirt is the perfect addition to any Rick and Morty Fan's wardrobe. Jeez, just look at the expression on Rick's face - he's really screwed up this time! Now he's running from one of the horrible menaces we all know from Rick and Morty's awesome adventures.  At least he's holding his gun, huh!

This tee is printed using the latest in printing technology and made from cotton and breathable polyester, which makes it durable and will ensure the design doesn't fade. It's seriously comfy and slightly stretchy too.  Whether you see yourself chilling around the home watching some of the forthcoming Rick and Morty Season 4, or heading out to meet some friends and fill your spaceship with a few bottles, hopefully you'll be wearing this cool Rick and Morty T-shirt all the time! 

Please check your size in the chart below as sizes may vary. 

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