Surf Squirtle Hoodie

Check out this vividly blue eye-catching Surf Squirtle Hoodie

Oh man! Now this is an awesome take on a classic Pokemon legend. Check out Squirtle riding the waves... we almost forgot how brave that lil' Pokemon always was.  He's probably exploring some awesome new area of the Pokemon world and preparing to do battle. 

Whether you're a recent fan of Pokemon Go or just enjoy lounging around on the sofa watching classic episodes of the Pokemon TV series, this hoodie is bound to impress.  It's made with a blend of durable synthetic fibres and is perfect for wearing all year round, or as an awesome gift.  Now if you're the kind of Pokemon fan who loves Squirtle, loves your surfing and just loves your Pokemon, this is surely the hoodie for you.  Pokemon - Let's go!

Why buy from Snapbranch?

  • We love what we sell, being massive Pokemon fans.  Expect nothing less than the quality a true Pokemon fanatic deserves.
  • Our Sea Blue Surf Squirtle Hoodie uses the latest printing and visual techniques to ensure vivid colourful designs and images, printed on comfy durable materials, which are fully machine-washable.
  • We offer free insured international delivery, included at no extra cost with all Pokemon clothing orders.
  • We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your Snapbranch Pokemon clothes, just get in touch.
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Shipping Information
  • Each product is printed to order and then needs to be sent to wherever you live. So sometimes it may take a little while to arrive. 
  • Shipping should take between 1 and 4 weeks.
  • You'll be sent a tracking code shortly after I receive your order so you can keep an eye on where your Surf Squirtle Hoodie is.