Our Story


How Did Snapbranch Cartoon Clothing Store Come About?

Hey there! I'm Michael, the creator of Snapbranch

I grew up watching Pokemon Cartoons, I was obsessed with Dragon Ball Z, Sponge Bob Square Pants and many others.

As I grew older, I discovered new cartoons that I liked just as much if not more, like Rick and Morty, South Park, Adventure Time and Archer. 

I've also always loved Sci-fi and Fantasy, so when shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead came out I was instantly hooked. 

However, when I went to buy T-Shirts, hoodies and other merchandise of all these awesome cartoons and shows, the gear just wasn't good quality. Often the material wasn't comfortable to wear, the stitching wouldn't last and the designs weren't even that cool.

So, I set out to create Snapbranch - a clothing brand that not only had awesome designs inspired by my favorite shows, but also was comfortable, durable and overall of excellent quality. Because I wanted to make clothes for myself, that my friends and I would wear. And genuinely, I own and wear some of the things you'll find on the Snapbranch store.  I am always striving to add new clothes and products, with using even more awesome materials and designs.  Photos of me in some cool cartoon T-Shirts and hoodies coming soon!